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Water & Sewer

Report a Water Related Problem

For any water or sewer related problems or comments please contact:

General Supervisor of Water and Sewer
Chris O'Leary

Phone: (201) 391-4190

reduce exposure to lead in water

Exposure to lead at any level can be associated with adverse health effects.

  • You can reduce your exposure to lead in drinking water by following these steps.
  • Learn more about lead exposure at
reduce exposure to lead in water

Flushing tap water is a simple and inexpensive measure you can take to protect your family's health from lead.

Office Staff

Tom Mazzarella
Joseph Barnes
Jessica Mazzarella
Rosanna Monteleone

Field Staff

Ken Reynolds - Water Supervisor
Dan Boyle - Senior Water Repairer
Mark Gronbeck - Water Repairer
Kevin Altomare – Sewer/Water Repairer
Kevin Origoni - Water Repairer
Ethan Schechtman – Water Laborer
Daniel DiBlasi – Water Laborer
Anthony Confreda - Meter Reader

Stormwater Management