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Lightning Detection

Please note that the sirens at the PR High School Old Football Field and Davies Field are controlled by a wireless transmitter from the siren located at the Sulak Field.  Sulak and the rest of the sirens are directly connected to an internet connection with two-way communications.

The way the system operates is the Weatherbug Earth Network weather service has a number of weather stations located throughout the Tri-State area.  These weather stations continuously monitor our area for lighting.  When lightning is detected within a 10-mile radius of one of our weather stations, a signal is sent through the internet to activate the siren.   The siren will activate a long 15-second horn blast and a beacon will start flashing.  In addition, an e-mail will be sent to everyone on the e-mail distribution list.  When this occurs, you must remove everyone from the field and get everyone to a safe shelter.  Once a 30-minute period goes by with no lighting detected in the 10-mile radius, the all-clear signal will be activated which is three short 5-second horn blasts, and the beacon will shut off.  You will also get an e-mail notification advising you of the all-clear.

 To avoid late-night alerts, the system is set for the following operating times:

  • Sulak Field, PR High School Old Football Field, and Davies Field – 7AM to 11PM

  • Atkins Glen – 7AM to 10PM

  • Colony Field – 7AM to 10PM

  • East Brook School – 7AM to 10PM

  • West Ridge School – 7AM to 10PM

Although this system is much more reliable than the old system but please keep in mind that nothing is foolproof and you should continue to use extra caution and common sense when you are coaching.  IF YOU SEE OR HEAR LIGHTING, IMMEDIATELY REMOVE YOUR PLAYERS AND FAMILIES FROM THE FIELDS.  DO NOT TOTALLY RELY ON THESE SIRENS.