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Technology Committee

Technology Committee Information

The Technology Committee was formed by the Mayor and Council in 2008 with a charge to review the hardware and software currently in use and to make recommendations where necessary. In addition one of the first charges was to upgrade Park Ridge Borough’s website . Councilmen Rich Henning and Peter Wells led a small group of volunteers to find a website provider for this project. At the end of October 2008 a contract was signed with Qscend to utilize their server and website design. The Committee consists of volunteers appointed by the Mayor and Council and Department heads or their representatives from the various Borough areas. (Police, Finance, Admin, Utilities). 

The Technology Committee is assembled to help the Borough in the years ahead when other projects are scoped and need careful planning and review before appropriation funds are set aside. In 2009, the committee has already compiled a list of a possible projects for the years to come. The committee is valuable to the Borough of Park Ridge because residents with technology interests can work directly with Borough Department heads to discuss review and explore ideas that can then be packaged for the Mayor and Council to consider. This helps the Borough to upgrade their technology and ensures that future projects are being done in a fiscally conservative manner. 

The committee meets the last Wednesday of every month in the Borough Violations Room in Borough Hall. For information, please contact

Committee Members

Carmine Lizza

Council Liaison
Bruce Goldsmith

Josh Arak                                         
Dan Browne, BOE               
Kirk Brouwer                                   
Paul Wharton          
Lynn Beer                                        
Scott Kreisler                                   
Carmine Lizza                                 
Technology Coordinator, PRHS   
Michael Mintz