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How to Use Your Water Meter to Check for Leaks

Park Ridge has two types of water meters, and both can be used to help determine if you have a leak in your house. One type has mechanical totalizing digits which advance every 10 gallons. These meters have a leak indicator that will spin even when the smallest amount of water is passing through your meter. If you have all of your faucets off, and this indicator is moving, this means water is leaking somewhere.

Another type of meter has an electronic digital display that is visible when you open the cover of the meter. The totalizing resolution with these meters is much smaller and will advance even if a small amount of water is running through the meter. In addition, when you open and close the lid, the display will toggle between the total gallons measure and the instantaneous flow rate (in gallons per minute). This can be useful if you are interested in knowing how much water is being used by your appliances or sprinkler system while they are running.

meter image

meter image

Another tip is to read your water meter at night and then first thing in the morning. If there is an increase in the reading, water is leaking in your home. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call the Water Department at 201-319-2113.