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Park Ridge Completes LED Overhead Street Lighting Upgrade Project

If you walk or drive down Park Avenue or Kinderkamack Road, you may have noticed new lighting in the business district.   The installation of new overhead (cobra head) energy efficient fixtures was achieved as part of a $10,000 grant received by the Park Ridge Electric Department.

In late 2014 the Borough of Park Ridge Board of Public Works, in collaboration with the Park Ridge Green Team, applied for and received a $10,000 grant from Sustainable Jersey for the replacement of existing High-Intensity Discharge (HID) street lights with newer more energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) street lights.  The grant was funded through the Gardinier Environmental Fund.  The grant covered the cost to purchase the LED street lighting fixtures with the installation performed by the Park Ridge Electric Department.

The project first entailed testing several different manufacturers of LED street lighting fixtures. Several brands were tested and based on the quality, price, performance and compatibility with the Borough existing fixtures, a preferred brand was selected.  We then tested several different wattages and light distribution patterns, and evaluated potential locations for the fixtures to be installed.  After careful analysis and consideration, the Park Ridge Board of Public Works decided to replace the overhead fixtures located in the business district on Park Avenue and Kinderkamack Road with a specific model.

There are a number of advantages of the new LED fixtures.  They are 50% more energy efficient than the older HID fixtures.  We confirmed this by installing an electric meter on a new LED fixtures and one on an HID fixture.  This metering will continue to be monitored for a couple of years to verify the energy savings. Another significant advantage is that these fixtures will require much less future maintenance than the existing fixtures.  It is estimated that they will last five times longer than the older fixtures before they will need any maintenance.  Also, the light emitted from the new LED fixtures is much more focused to the intended street and sidewalk area with reduced light pollution to nearby property.

Although all of the funds received through the grant have now been expended as part of this project, we are so pleased with the energy efficiency, performance, and reduced maintenance that the Park Ridge Electric Department will continue to replace existing HID fixtures with the new LED fixtures as part of its ongoing operation and maintenance of the Borough’s street lights.

Residents and businesses are also encouraged to take advantage of the new LED technology.  The cost for LED replacement bulbs and fixtures has significantly decreased over the past few years.  Most home improvement and hardware stores sell LED bulbs that can replace less efficient incandescent bulbs.  By using LED lighting, you will save on energy costs, the bulbs will last much longer, and they are environmentally friendly.  Additional information about LED lighting can be obtained on the EPA’s Energy Star website at the following link: