Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 4:30
Sat-Sun Closed
(201) 573-1800
53 Park Avenue
Park Ridge, NJ 07656

Municipal Pool Contact Information:

Park Ridge Municipal Pool 
123 Colony Ave. 
Park Ridge, NJ 07656 

Phone: (201) 391-0831

Municipal Pool Committee Members:

  • Tom Scheulen, President
  • Ken Christiansen, Vice President
  • Tom Madru, Treasurer
  • Alison Gill, Secretary
  • Frank Kozar
  • Patrick Moran
  • Rich Moss
  • Andrew Lewis, Pool Manager
  • Tom Bauer, Pool Manager
  • Michael Mintz, Council Liaison

2020 Pool Registration

The Park Ridge Pool is open as of June 28 and registration is open to all Park Ridge residents and 2019 Non-Resident Municipal Pool Members only.  The Governor has increased the number of people permitted in outdoor social gatherings to 500 and we are continuing to accept registrations for the Park Ridge Municipal Pool.  Please register using the link below and bring the following items to the pool office to complete registration. Please wear a mask and practice social distancing.


Registration Link -

  • Proof of registration
  • A check or money order for the correct amount payable to "Park Ridge Municipal Pool"
  • A photo ID
  • Last year's badges (if you have them)

2020 Rates

$160 - Family

$100 - Individual

$50 - Non- Park Ridge Resident Senior (must be 65 yrs or older as of 9/7/20)

$75 - Non- Park Ridge Resident Senior Couple (both must be 65 yrs or older as of 9/7/20)

Free - Park Ridge Resident Senior


Hope to see you at the pool this summer!  If you have any questions, you can email us at

2020 Pool Guidelines

The Park Ridge Pool Commission will now be accepting pool guests Monday - Friday only.  Guests will not be permitted on Saturday and Sundays.  5-day guest passes are available at the pool office for $50 and all payments must be made via check or money order.  Daily guest passes will not be available.  All guests must be accompanied by an existing pool member and will have to undergo additional screening measures prior to entry.

The Park Ridge Pool opened on June 28.  Based on 2020 registrations to date, and the Governor’s postponement of expanding social gatherings of more than 250 people, we are pausing acceptance of any new registration.  Continue to check the website for any Pool updates.  

If you have already completed the online registration, please bring the items listed below to the Pool office to finalize registration.  Please wear a mask and practice social distancing 
Proof of registration 
A check or money order payable to "Park Ridge Municipal Pool" 
A photo ID 
Last year's badges (if you have them) 

To create a plan for the safe operation of the municipal pool, we are consulting with the NJ Board of Health, the New Jersey Pools Managers Association, and State and Local Government (Executive Order 153).  Based on the above, we are pleased to communicate our 2020 opening guidelines.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Saturday
  • 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM – Lap Swimming ONLY
  • 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM – Open to all Members
  • Sunday
  • 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Adults ONLY
  • 12:00 PM – 6:30 PM – Open to all Members

*our early closure this year enables the proper sanitation of the premises.


  • Pursuant to the governor’s regulation of 250 people for outdoor gatherings, we will not permit guests at the opening of the season.  We will monitor the registration numbers and situation and the Pool Commission will consider inclusion of guests after official opening.
  • Membership will be offered to all Park Ridge residents and 2019 Non Resident Park Ridge Municipal Pool members only.  We will not be permitting new out of town members this year to protect the safety of our community.

Entering the Pool Premises

  • Masks or face coverings are REQUIRED at all times with a few exceptions noted below:
  • Masks or face coverings must NOT be put on children under age two because of the danger of suffocation. ▪
  • Masks or Face coverings are NOT allowed in the water due to increased risk of drowning.
  • Lifeguards will NOT wear a face covering while on duty actively lifeguarding.
  • Masks are not required when you establish your seating area at least 6ft from other parties.

Remember that masks are not only for the protection of you but for the protection of others around you should you be an asymptomatic carrier.

  • There will be sidewalk indicators beginning at the bridge explaining the flow of people traffic to avoid coming into close contact with non-family members.  Please adhere to these indicators and practice social distancing at all times.
  • We will have signage which will provide the CDC based COVID-19 symptoms.  No one will be permitted to enter the pool if exhibiting any of these signs.
  • Once it is your turn for entry, step forward and present your Community Pass receipt of membership.
  • Names of all individuals in the party will be recorded in a register to (1) ensure we meet the requirements for contact tracing and (2) to ensure we stay within the state allowed mandate of 50% capacity.
  • We will offer multiple disinfectant stations around the premises
  • The state is mandating a maximum 50% capacity and entrance to the facility is based on first come, first served basis.

Exiting the Club

  • Make sure to take ALL of your belongings.
  • Be mindful of exit signage which dictates the flow of exiting people traffic.  Please practice social distancing at all times.

Seating Areas

  • We will NOT have tables, chairs and umbrellas for members to use outside the snack bar this year.
  • We are permitting members to bring chairs, however we are not permitting the use of umbrellas to avoid damage to sprinkler system and grounds.
  • You are free to sit anywhere on the grounds that is not roped off.  Please do not setup your seating location within 6 ft of another group.  We must practice social distancing at all times.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible to ensure their children maintain social distancing at all times. If you fail to maintain proper social distancing, it could result in being asked to leave the pool.

Snack bar

  • Tables have been spaced in the snack bar area compliant with social distancing requirements.
  • The snack bar will be offering a limited menu.
  • We will have social distancing markings on the ground to wait in line to order.
  • Notify the snack bar attendant when you leave your table, so that it can be sanitized prior to the next guest.
  • Depending on the occupancy of the pool, we may setup tables outside the snack bar area which will be subject to the same requirements inside the snack bar area.
  • As always, please remove all trash and personal items immediately after finishing in this area to allow for all to use.
  • Outside food is permitted. Please ask the delivery person to meet you outside the front gate to receive your food.

Lifeguards and Staff

  • All staff members will be temperature checked daily.
  • Please maintain social distancing from the lifeguards and staff members when possible.
  • An Emergency Care Area will be designated, patrons are not allowed in this area, except for injured/ill bathers.


  • No one can enter the bathrooms without shoes.
  • The bathrooms will be closed and sanitized periodically throughout the day.  Announcements will be made prior to closure.
  • No items can be left at any time in the bathroom or locker room area.
  • Everyone must wash their hands for 20 seconds while in the bathroom or locker room.


  • Pools will have max capacity limits based on square footage.
  • Social distancing to be maintained while in pools.
  • Masks are not allowed in the pool.
  • Toys are only allowed in the kiddie pool and must be taken home each evening.  No toys will be supplied by the pool staff. 

Swim Team/Swim Lessons

  • We will not be offering swim team, dive or swim lessons this summer to ensure the safety of our community.

Other Important Guidelines

  • The volleyball and basketball courts will be closed
  • We will not be offering the rental of games and equipment, e.g. knock-hockey, shuffleboard, ping pong and Whiffle Ball.

As you can see this is a comprehensive plan to ensure your safety and allow us to open the club this summer. We are confident that we can count on you to be patient and understanding as we work through our new processes.  

We are looking forward to a great summer at the Park Ridge Municipal Pool.  

The Park Ridge Municipal Pool Commission