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Leaf Collection Update – 11/20/20

As of Friday, November 20th, the loader crew has completed a fifth pass on both the west and east side, and is currently working on a sixth pass, completing zone 1 and currently working in zone 2.

On Monday, November 23rd, the loader crew will continue in zone 2 and continue into zones 3 through 5. Once the west side is complete, the loader crew will start another pass on the east side. The leaf vacuum crew has completed another pass of all main roads. On Monday they will start another pass of the west side main roads. Once they complete the main roads on the west side they will start the main roads on the east. Once the main roads are complete, the leaf vacuum crew will assist the loader crew in the zones.

Please note, the volume of leaves has increased, making it difficult to quickly get through the zones. Thank you in advance for your patience as the DPW works to remove the leaves as quick as possible.

Please remember that leaves must be placed at the curb for pickup. If they are blocked by cars or behind trees or poles we will not be able to pick them up. In addition, branches cannot be mixed in with the leaves. The DPW will not pick up branches or leaf piles with branches mixed in. Also, leaf piles cannot be placed on top of catch basins.

For more information or to view the removal map please visit our website at

If you have any questions on the leaf collection operation, please feel free to call the Borough Hall at 201-573-1800.