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Advisory: Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from the Borough of Park Ridge

As your Mayor, I wanted to take the opportunity to provide you with an update on actions the Borough of Park Ridge is taking regarding the Coronavirus (AKA  COVID-19), as well as to provide you with important reminders and resources for you to utilize, and to share with your family and neighbors.



Current Situation

The first “presumptive positive” case of COVID-19 was announced by Governor Murphy on Tuesday night. The patient is hospitalized in Bergen County. The arrival of COVID-19 in our area is not unexpected; however, this does not necessarily mean that there will be a surge in new cases, or that you should immediately alter the day-to-day activities in which you and your families engage.
Current Priorities

  • COVID-19 Task Force:  The Borough is convening  a COVID-19 Task Force, consisting of myself, members of the council, our Emergency Management Coordinator, Police Chief, our Borough Administrator, Park Ridge Schools Superintendent, Director of Operations and the leaders of all of the essential services departments within our Borough, which include emergency services, DPW, and our Board of Health.  We will coordinate with the Bergen County Board of Health. 
  • Continuity Planning:  Our priority is to establish a comprehensive continuity plan, in order to ensure, in the event any large-scale social distancing or quarantine initiatives are required, that we maintain essential services for all of our residents and business community. As you can imagine, there are a great many details that must be considered, and we are working as quickly as possible in order to ensure that we identify what is needed, and to have in place a plan that will allow us to ensure the continued safety of our community. It is important to note that at this time, no social distancing or mandatory quarantine initiatives are being contemplated; however, we must be prepared in the event that such measures become required. 

Resources and Information

  • As you can imagine, information regarding COVID-19 changes constantly; I will continue to be in contact with Governor Murphy and State and County Health leadership. To get the latest information on the situation, it is recommended that you bookmark the following websites and take note of the State’s COVID-19 hotline:
  • For updates from Park Ridge visit, make sure you are signed up for email updates and follow Park Ridge Boro on Facebook 

Preparedness for Individuals and Families

  • Prevention:  As with influenza and other contagious diseases, there are a number of actions you can take in order to protect yourself and your families:
    • Wash your hands frequently, for at least 20 seconds, and using soap and water.  If soap and water is not available, use hand sanitizer with an alcohol concentration of at least 60%.
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands. 
    • Avoid contact with individuals who are sick 
    • Stay home from school or work if you are sick. 
    • Either with a tissue or with your sleeve, cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing.
  • Face Masks:  The CDC does NOTrecommend the use of face masks for those who are not exhibiting symptoms of illness. Face masks should be worn by those who are ill (in order to prevent the spread of germs to others).
  • Travelers from High-Risk Areas:  If you have recently returned from travel to China, South Korea, Italy or Iran, the CDC recommends that you self-quarantine for a period of fourteen (14) days from the date of departure from that country, and conduct self-monitoring during that period. 

  • Individuals with symptoms:  As with any other illness, if you begin to feel ill, you should seek medical attention immediately. Symptoms can be found on the CDC and/or New Jersey Department of Health websites (links above).

Ongoing Updates

  • Borough Updates:  We will update information on the Borough website as well as our Facebook page as frequently as is appropriate. 
  • School Updates:  Any updates to the Park Ridge Public School community will be made by the Superintendent of Schools and/or representatives of the Park Ridge Board of Education. We are of course working in close cooperation with the Board of Education and the school administrative team; however, if they have specific information related to the school community to share, they will do so based on their established protocols. 

I’m sure many of you have questions regarding the COVID-19 situation; please be assured that we are doing everything possible to properly prepare to ensure that we are able to properly serve all of our residents, and will continue to keep everyone updated as new information is provided to us. We encourage everyone to utilize the online resources highlighted in this email, as they will provide you with the most up-to-date information.
We are all experiencing a certain amount of uncertainty and fear; however, our Park Ridge community is strong and always takes care of each other. By exercising common sense, ensuring that we have accurate information, and looking out for one another, we will keep our community safe and healthy.
Stay safe and stay informed; your municipal government will do everything we can to ensure this, for each and every resident.              

Keith J. Misciagna