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Notice of Park Ridge Electric Department’s Contracted Power Line Clearance Tree Trimming on the East Side of Town

In 2019, after going out for a public bid, the Park Ridge Electric Department hired “Downes Tree Service, Inc.” to perform tree trimming around the electric distribution power lines throughout the town.  The contract called for project to be performed in two stages.  The trimming on the west side of town was completed in 2019.

This notice is to advise you that Downes will be starting the work on the east side of town this week (all roads east of and including Pascack Road).  The contractor will have one or more tree trimming crews going street-by-street to trim the branches in close proximity to the electric power lines located on the street (not the electric services connected to the homes).  It is anticipated that it will take several months to complete this trimming.

Tree trimming maintenance is necessary to ensure safe and reliable electric service.  The Park Ridge Electric Department has had a record of very reliable service, and our periodic tree-trimming program is one of the reasons.  This will be the sixth round of trimming since we started the program in 1995.  We last performed this work in late 2014 and 2015 so the pruning should not be too severe.  The contractor will make every effort to prune the trees without vastly altering their appearance.

If you have any questions, please call William Beattie, the Director of Operations at 201-391-2129.  Thank you for your cooperation.