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Pool Registration Information

Pool registration is on hold as we await guidance from State Officials on whether public pools will be allowed to operate in 2020 and if so what if any restrictions there will be in place.

As soon as a decision is made this information will be communicated on the website, Facebook and via email updates.

Municipal Pool Contact Information:

Park Ridge Municipal Pool 
123 Colony Ave. 
Park Ridge, NJ 07656 

Phone: (201) 391-0831

Municipal Pool Committee Members:

  • Tom Scheulen, President
  • Ken Christiansen, Vice President
  • Tom Madru, Treasurer
  • Alison Gill, Secretary
  • Frank Kozar
  • Patrick Moran
  • Rich Moss
  • Andrew Lewis, Pool Manager
  • Tom Bauer, Pool Manager
  • Michael Mintz, Council Liaison

2020 Pool Information

The Park Ridge Municipal Pool opens on May 23, 2020.  As you know, the pool is a self-supporting facility financed entirely from pool revenues.  

Pool Membership is open to the following:

  • All residents of Park Ridge  
  • Non-resident Park Ridge Borough and Park Ridge Board of Education employees
  • Non-residents sponsored by a Park Ridge resident or prior registered Park Ridge pool member (* see comment below for exclusions)

* Pool membership will be offered to a maximum of 250 non-resident families and a maximum of 75 non-resident individual memberships (age 18 or older).


For those members who employ a child care provider, please be guided by the following: A child care provider is NOT included in family membership and must join as an individual member.

Registration may be done by mail or in person at the pool.  If you register by mail, your passes will be held for you at the pool until you come to the pool for the first time.

By Mail: 

Registration packets will be mailed to Park Ridge residents in April and non-residents may pick up a registration packet at the Park Ridge Borough Hall beginning Early April or at the pool from noon – 3 P.M. weekends beginning May 2nd.

Complete the pool application and return it in the enclosed envelope along with your CHECK PAYABLE TO THE PARK RIDGE MUNICIPAL POOL and LAST YEAR’S PHOTO ID CARDS for your FAMILY MEMBERS.  There will be a $35 late fee for any membership received on or after May 23, 2020.  NOTE:  If you return more than 2 ID cards, extra postage may be required.

The photo ID cards will be validated for use during the 2020 season and may be picked up at the pool when it opens on May 23, 2020 or thereafter.  For new members, your picture will be taken and ID card made the first time you use the pool.

If there are any changes in your membership status (family additions, etc.) note the change on the application form when you mail it in.  These adjustments will be handled when you come to the pool to pick up your ID cards.

Note:  If you misplaced last year’s ID card(s), you will be able to take another ID photo at the pool; however, a $10.00 fee will be charged for each picture taken.


Family Membership
Park Ridge Residents, Borough Employees, & BOE Employees

$410 - Received on or before 5/22/20
$445 - Received on or after 5/23/20

Sponsored Non-Residents

$510 - Received on or before 5/22/20
$545 - Received on or after 5/23/20

* Includes children under age 23

** You qualify as a senior citizen if you turn 65 by 9/7/20.  To qualify for the Senior Citizen Couple Membership, both persons must turn 65 by 9/7/20. 

Registration Documents

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