Notice of Overnight Water Main Shutoff Valve Repair (9/20/17 to 9/21/17):  Please be advised that a defective water main shutoff valve is being replaced overnight at the corner of Rock and Park Avenue.  Approximately 40 homes on Rock Ave, Park Ave, and Parkview will have water shut off for some time during the overnight period (all affected homes have been notified with hanging doorknob notices).  The work is to begin at 9PM and should be completed by 6AM.

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Park Ridge Events

12/31/2013 - "What the Heck is a Life Inventory"...Wed. Jan. 8th - Library Program

Instead of having piles of paper, sticky notes and all that "important "stuff" in your head, learn how to develop a catalog of everything important in your life.  From passwords to financial accounts, medical information, home contents, and much more.

   Guest Speakers:  Jean Marie Herron of POSSE Partners, LLC and Carol Kaufman of CBData Solutions.....sign up suggested.  Visit the library or call 201-391-5151


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