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10/29/2013 - Want to know about a "Kindle" before you purchase one? Check out the P.R. Library

       Curious about what it is like to read a book on an electronic device??
          Want to try a "Kindle" before you go out and purchase one?
Check one out at the library to your P.R. Library card for up to two weeks
                           (residents only)
  The Kindles come pre-loaded with books...some of the titles currently
   available are: "Pros & Cons" by Janet Evanovich, "Six Years" by Harlan Coben,
        "Never Go Back" by Lee Child....and many, many others.

   Want to see one?  Have questions?  Drop into the Library and speak to
      Ellen Evans, Adult Program Coordinator - or call 201 391 5151

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