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Park Ridge Events

7/14/2013 - Children's Archeology Dig at Pascack Museum on August 8th.

Volunteers at the Pascack Historical Society Museum, 19 Ridge Avenue, Park Ridge,
 are busy preparing two raised archeology beds in their museum’s backyard
 in anticipation of “STONES & BONES”, a children’s archaeological dig
for Grades 2-6 scheduled for Thursday, August 8,
10 .a.m. until 
1 p.m.  Registration required. Limited enrollment.
A $ 5.00 donation per child is 
requested for Society members,
 $10.00 donation per child for non-members.  
Call George Sherman at 201-664-7924.

Children will learn how to become “history detectives” when they are taught

basic archeological techniques by New Jersey licensed volunteer teachers:
Riccardo of Woodcliff Lake, George Sherman of Westwood
 and Marie Hennesey of 
Park Ridge.

The goals of the program are to teach “thinking skills” such as analysis, reasoning 

and evaluation in an outdoor fun environment. Discovery games will be played.  

New Jersey’s official state dinosaur is the Hadrosaurus Foulkii, a duck-billed creature

that roamed the forests and swamps of New Jersey.  It stood 10 feet tall, weighed up to 

eight tons and was 25 feet in length. Youngsters will see and be able to handle 

real dinosaur gastrolites (gizzard balls), believed to be from the Hadrosaurus, that 

were excavated by a professional archaeologist in Woodcliff Lake many years ago.

Each child will have an individual area to excavate at the dig side. They will find 

numerous artifacts and learn about “superpositioning”, the order in which sedimentary 

strata are superposed one above another. The young archaeologists will document and 

draw their findings as they discover each buried treasure.  At the end of the day they will 

create an exhibit of their work for their parents to enjoy.

Attendees are asked to wear old clothes, bring a hat, working gloves and a 

towel to use as a kneeling pad. Light refreshments will be served.

For further information about the Society and its activities log onto or call to 201-573-0307.

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