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Park Ridge Events

3/17/2013 - Pascack Historical Society - Vintage Lace Display - Sunday March 17th


Pascack Historical Society (PHS) volunteers are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17, 1-4 p.m., by sponsoring  -
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”- a vintage lace
display and an Irish Cake & Tea Social. Admission is free. Children are welcome
when accompanied by an adult.


Lace-making is an ancient skill. Lace has been a treasured  decorative element for fashion for centuries. There are many
kinds of lace , including:


    Needle lace, Bobbin lace, Tape lace, Knotted lace, crocheted lace, Knitted lace and  Cutwork  lace.  Objects resembling lace 
    bobbins have been found
in  Roman ruins.  Lace was used by clergy of the early Catholic Church, as part of  vestments in religious 


The Dutch brought their lace-making skills to New Amsterdam, and eventually Bergen County, where the popularity of  lace increased
rapidly and became a cottage industry.  The PHS display will contain many types and forms of lace including  womens’ and children’s
collars,  men’s
cuffs, a woman’s Dutch veil from the 1700s and an intricate lace lawn dress jacket  from the 1800s.


Visitors will be invited to have some real Irish tea, imported from Dublin. Homemade Irish Sour Cream  Pound Cake , make by a PHS
volunteer using her Irish ( Londonderry) grandmother’s recipe will be served as long as it lasts. Refreshments are complimentary.


For further information, questions or directions call 201-573-0307 or log onto


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