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Park Ridge Announcements

6/21/2017 - PSE&G Work on Fourth Street

PSE&G will be working on Fourth Street between Fernald Road and Leach Avenue to replace old gas pipes with new, durable plastic and/or coated steel piping – ensuring the continued safety and reliability of our gas system. The anticipated start date is 6/21. 



  • To upgrade the gas mains, PSE&G will dig trenches, primarily in road surfaces, and lay new pipes block by block. As a result, there may be short-term road closures and/or detours. Park Ridge police will be on the scene to direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic. At the end of each workday, the trenches will be filled in. Plates will be secured on any open areas so people can safely drive and walk. PSE&G may also need to temporarily store material in the area required to complete our work.


  • Once the gas mains are upgraded in the street, PSE&G will need to access your home to connect the service line and gas meter to the new gas main. PSE&G will contact homeowners to arrange a date and time to do the work. During this reconnection, you can expect to be without gas service for about 4 hours. Also, the amount of digging required to access and connect your service line to the new gas main depends on the path and configuration of your service line.

  • When work is finished, PSE&G will repair roads with temporary pavement until the ground settles. This takes about 45 to 90 days, depending on the weather and soil conditions. PSE&G then restores the roads with permanent paving in accordance with town ordinance and paving requirements.


For more information about this project in your neighborhood, please visit the following link:


You can also call 201-967-5340 for additional information. Once the work has started, you may also speak to the supervisor on the job site.

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