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Park Ridge Announcements

4/27/2017 - Park Ridge 2017 Road Resurfacing Program Summary

Please be advised that the Borough recently went out to bid and has awarded a contract to D&L Paving Contractors to resurface a number of roads in Park Ridge.  The contract documents are now being process and the Borough will be working with the contractor to formulate a schedule to implement the project.  Once the schedule is developed, it will be posted on the Borough’s web page.

The following is a list of the streets that are included in this resurfacing program:

  • RIVERVALE ROAD - From Park Avenue to Park Avenue (full length)
  • LILLIAN STREET - From Rivervale Road to end (full length)
  • HAWTHORNE AVENUE – From # 68 to the north end
  •  ARROWHEAD ROAD - From Lenape to Laurel Hill Road (full length)
  •  LAUREL HILL ROAD – From Glendale Road to end (full length)
  •  GLENDALE ROAD - From Fremont Avenue to end (full length)
  •  LENAPE ROAD - From Awashawaugh Rd to Glendale Rd (full length)
  •  PINE DRIVE - From Fremont Avenue to end (full length)
  •  WEST PINE DRIVE - From Pine Drive to Pine Drive (full length)
  •  WILLOW COURT - From Pine Drive to end (full length)
  •  HIGHLAND STREET - From Broadway to Terrace Street
  •  VITTORIO COURT - From Park Avenue to end (full length)
  •  ELLIN COURT - From Ellin Drive to end (full length)
  •  ELLIN DRIVE - From Park Avenue to #255 Ellin drive
  •  LOCKWOOD PLACE - From Knoll Drive to Ellin Drive (full length)
  •  NORTH AVENUE - From Third Street to east end
  •  CROWN STREET - From Mountain Avenue to Colony Avenue (full length)
  •  FOREST STREET - From Midland Avenue to Colony Avenue
  •  RUSSET PLACE - From Mountain Avenue to Colony Avenue (full length)
  •  FIRE DEPARTMENT PARKING LOT - East side of the fire house
  •  LAFAYETTE AVENUE - From Colony Avenue to Grand Avenue
  •  PERRY STREET - From Hawthorne Ave to Linden Street
  •  OAK AVENUE - From Berthoud Street north to Borough limit

Please feel free to call Borough Hall at 201-573-1800 if you have any questions.

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