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Looking for some fun for your children to do during the  upcoming teacher’s convention school holiday? Go no further than the Pascack Historical  Society’s “HARVEST HAPPENINGS” – a free hands-on program designed for children K-5. 

This popular program is offered on two separate days- Thursday, November  10, 1-3 P.M. or Friday, November 11 from 10- noon. Seating is limited. Registration is  required. Call PHS President George Sherman at 201-664-7924.

Youngsters will learn how early Pascack Valley farmers, and long before them the Lenape Indians, celebrated the harvesting of their crops. They will learn that storytelling among the Lenape was a significant part of their daily lives. Stories were fun to listen to but also served a serious purpose. Without a written language stories helped explain beliefs about nature, past events and social values and were an important part of a child’s upbringing. Children were expected to be good listeners and have good memories. The story of “Mother Corn” and the fall harvest is one of the most popular legends enjoyed by children.  Attendees will practice their own storytelling techniques.

Youngsters will be taught a “special science trick”- the results of which produce good old-fashioned “slime” . They will be taught how to make their own kaleidoscopes, an optical  instrument where you view patterns through light, which they will bring home to share with their families.

The goal of the program, presented by Pascack Adventures, the educational arm of the not-for-profit Society, is to expand children’s knowledge of the way people lived long ago in the Pascack Valley. Attendees and their families may enjoy complimentary apple cider and donuts at the end of the event.

Carol Riccardo, George Sherman, and Gioia Castiglione, all licensed New Jersey teachers, will teach and volunteer their time for this program.


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