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7/1/2015 - A Tale of Two Park Ridges

The Chicago Tribune recently did a fun story on Park Ridge Illinois and Park Ridge, New Jersey.  Read an excerpt below and download the whole story. 

T erry Maguire and Marty Maloney have never met, but they share something very unique in common: Both men can introduce themselves as the "mayor of Park Ridge."

For Maguire, Park Ridge is a borough in northeastern New Jersey, roughly 822 miles east of Park Ridge, Ill. It's one of three communities in the country to bear the name Park Ridge. The third is a village of some 500 people just outside Stevens Point, Wisc.

While Maguire, a 20-year resident of Park Ridge, NJ, has never visited Park Ridge, Ill., his wife and daughter dropped by the city earlier this month.

"My daughter graduated from high school and her friend is out at Northwestern," Maguire explained. "They were touring around and said, 'We have to check out Park Ridge.'"

Park Ridge, NJ is a small community of about 8,600 residents, according to the most recent U.S. Census. Like its Midwestern namesake, its close proximity to a major city — in this case, New York City — makes it attractive to commuters. 

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