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5/20/2015 - Recycling Coordinator Reports on the 2014 Recycling Tonnage

Peter Wayne who is the General Supervisor of the Department of Public Works and the Borough’s Certified Recycling Coordinator is pleased to report that the Borough has continued to have a very good recycling rate for the Borough’s annual recycling tonnage.  Each year, a report listing all of the items recycled in Park Ridge by both the residential and commercial properties during the preceding year needs to be reported to the NJDEP by the end of April.  The recycled materials include all of the items the Borough picks up from the residents during the curbside collections (commingled and paper), items recycled at the recycling center, and items recycled at the commercial establishments and the schools.

The total recycling tonnage reported for 2014 is 8,714.07 tons. This is approximately a 5% decrease from what the Borough reported in 2013.   However, a large majority of the decrease can be attributed to the lower tonnage for asphalt.  This is due to the fact we have been doing street resurfacing projects every other year (to get better bulk quantity pricing).  2014 was the off year so the tonnage from the millings of the streets was significantly lower.  The following table summarizes the tonnage for the last four years:

Peter is very pleased with the continued recycling performed by the residents, schools and at the Borough facilities.  There has also been very good cooperation with recycling and reporting by the commercial properties. 

Along with being very good for the environment, there is a financial benefit of the increased recycling due to the reduction in the cost for the disposal of the materials as solid waste.  The Borough also receives an annual recycling grant from the State which is based on the annual tonnage.

Additional information about the Borough’s recycling program can be found on the Park Ridge web site at the following link:  Recycling Web Page

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