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3/15/2015 - Family Time Travel at the Pascack Museum



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Park Ridge, NJ, February 26, 2015 The Pascack Historical Society (PHS) invites parents/grandparents to take their children back in time to learn what their daily lives would have been like if they grew up in the Pascack Valley 350 years ago by attending “DUTCH DELIGHTS: TIME TRAVEL THROUGH  ART” on Sunday, MARCH 15,  1:30 to 3:30 p.m., 19 Ridge  Avenue, Park Ridge.  Enrollment is required and targeted for Grades 2-5* . ( * PHS advises that if you have a student with an exceptional interest in art, age restrictions may be waived on an individual basis)

REGISTRATION IS A MUST.  $5.00 donation per family (PHS


members) $10 donation per family (non-members).  A free 100% cotton  PHS t-shirt( a $10 value) will be given to each enrolled child. Space is limited so enroll early. 

Call PHS President George  Sherman at 201-664-7924 .

Art educator Barbara Farina of River Vale (NJ licensed teacher& PHS member) will engage attendees in interactive discussions and hands-on activities relating to the clothes, manners, food, education, games and family life of children long ago.  Together, with Mrs. Farina as your guide, you and your children will view copies of famous paintings and become “PHS History Detectives’ by interpreting what you see in them.

If you and your child chose to, you will  be able to create a water color painting or colored drawing that you can take home to share with  family and friends. Mrs. Farina’s goal is to teach the children that much can be learned about the past, (before photography, the internet, TV, cell phones, movies, etc.) by observing art works and determining the clues they may contain.

 For further information about PHS or directions log onto   


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