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10/28/2014 - Park Ridge Leaf Collection Weekly Update – 10/28/14

On October 23, an e-mail blast went out to all Park Ridge e-mail notification list participants that summarized the Borough’s leaf collection operations.  A link to that initial narrative can be found at the following site: 



As of Tuesday, October 28th, the DPW has completed one full pass through the Borough. In addition, the main loader crew just finished a second pass in Zone 1 and is currently working in Zone 2. We anticipate completing the collecting of leaves in Zones 2, 3 and 4 by Friday afternoon. We further anticipate finishing Zone 4 and Zone 5 by the middle of next week when we will send out a new weekly update.

In addition to the loading crew, the leaf vacuum crew just completed a second pass of the west side main roads and has started the second pass on the east side main roads. Once they finish the east side this week, they will assist the loader crew in the zone where they are working. We anticipate the leaf vacuum crew to be starting the third pass on the west side main roads on Monday, November 3rd.

Please note that we will try to adhere to the above timeline, however weather and/or equipment breakdowns may effect on our operation. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Please remember that leaves must be placed at the curb for pickup. If they are blocked by cars or behind trees or poles we will not be able to pick them up. In addition, branches cannot be mixed with leaves.

If you have any questions on the leaf collection operation, please feel free to call the Borough Hall at 201-573-1800.

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