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By now you have heard that a winter storm warning is in effect for our area from midnight tonight through 6AM on Friday.  They are predicting up to 14” of heavy snow and moderately heavy winds.  Once again, our DPW and Utility crews will be ready to respond to this storm. 

Road conditions are expected to be extremely hazardous so please stay indoors and off the roads unless it is absolutely necessary.  Be advised that during snow emergencies, there is a Borough Ordinance that prohibits cars from parking in the streets (Ord. 97-22).  By keeping cars off the roads, we are able to properly clear the streets. 

Due to the predicted hazardous conditions, the Park Ridge Borough Hall will be closed tomorrow for normal business.  This will allow our DPW employees to focus their efforts on clearing the streets in the Borough and keep our employees safe.

Finally, one complaint we often receive is that after residents clear their sidewalks or driveways, the DPW comes back and pushes snow into the cleared area.  Please understand that this is unavoidable.  To efficiently plow the streets, during the storm we generally just plow the middle of the roads to make them passable. Then when the storm passes, we plow the roads all the way to the curb.  This is necessary to make the roads safe and ready for the next snow storm. It may take up to six hours after the storm passes before we get to that final pass on every street and often people have already plowed out their driveways.  Understand that there is no way we can direct the snow to avoid going back into your driveway.

A suggestion to minimize this problem is to wait until we finish curbing the roads before you clear the end of your driveway.  You can work on the rest of your driveway, but leave the last 2’ feet or so until we have completed the curb-to-curb pass.  By leaving the wall of snow there, it will help prevent excessive snow from going back into your driveway and you will only need to clear it once.

For more information about our snow plowing procedures, you can click on the following link which is posted on the Borough Web Site:

Although Borough Hall will be closed tomorrow, you can still report any power failures, electrical problems or other emergency conditions by calling 201-391-2129 from 8AM to 4:30PM.  If the phone is not answered, please call the Park Ridge Police Dispatcher at 201-391-5400.  Make sure to check on your elderly neighbors.

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