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Park Ridge Announcements

1/16/2014 - Notice of Park Ridge Electric Department Power Line Clearance Tree Trimming

The Borough of Park Ridge Electric Department has hired “Downes Tree Service, Inc.” to perform tree trimming around the electric power lines throughout the town.  They will be working on the west side of town for the next few months in 2014 and then will return early in 2015 to trim the east side of town.

Tree maintenance is necessary to ensure safe and reliable electric service.  Park Ridge Electric has not had many outages in the last several years and our regular tree-trimming program is one of the reasons for this great record.  This will be the fifth cycle in our trimming program, which we started in 1995, so the trimming should not be too severe.  The contractor will make every effort to prune the trees without vastly altering their appearance.

If you have any questions, please call Bill Beattie, the Director of Operations at 391-2129.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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