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Park Ridge Announcements

1/14/2014 - Learn about Lenape on Museum Website

In honor of New Jersey’s 350th birthday year (1664-2014) the Pascack Historical Society has added a series of seven 

videos about New Jersey’s early inhabitants, Lenape/Delaware Indians,  to its website.

The videos are hosted by John T. Kraft, Director of Lenape Lifeways, Inc.

They are appropriate for all ages and vary in length. 

Subject matters include:  Hunting (6:59), Home Building (4:06), Lenape 

Culture (2:08), Catching Fish (2:52), Lenape Medicine (6:18). Building a  

Dug Out Canoe (2:28) and Gathering Foods (4:23).  

Kraft is an archaeologist, author, and educator who has presented 
thousands of programs on the

Lenape/Delaware Indians of New Jersey.  He has helped discover, and excavate Lenape villages and artifacts,

and his work has added much new educational information about their family life, dwellings, diet, spiritual beliefs,

and technology. He has been working with Lenape people, creating museum exhibits, consulting with editors for social 

studies textbooks and lecturing for nearly 30 years. Additionally, he has appeared in many television productions

related to New Jersey culture and prehistory.


The famed archaeologist has lectured at the Pascack Historical Society

many times and will do so again on Sunday, May 18 at 2p.m. 

Parents are encouraged to watch the videos with their children. If they visit the PHS Museum in person

they can show their children Lenape artifacts , some over 5000 years old. (arrowheads, stone tools, etc.)

Admission to the Pascack Historical Society Museum, 19 Ridge Avenue, Park Ridge is always free.

Visiting hours are Wednesdays 10 to Noon and Sundays 1 until 4 p.m. 

Special group tours may be arranged for other days by calling PHS President George Sherman at 201-664-7924 or 

sending an email to


At his last visit to the Pascack Historical Society, Kraft let young area resident
Matthew (last name unknown) wear a real Wolf fur headdress .

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