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5/15/2013 - Park Ridge Recycling Coordinator Reports Increase in 2012 Park Ridge Recycling Tonnage

Peter Wayne who is the General Supervisor of the Department of Public Works and the Borough’s Certified Recycling Coordinator is pleased to report an increase in the Borough’s annual recycling tonnage.  Each year, a report listing all of the items recycled in Park Ridge by both the residential and commercial properties during the preceding year needs to be reported to the NJDEP by the end of April.  The recycled materials include all of the items the Borough picks up from the residents during the curbside collections (commingled and paper), items recycled at the recycling center, and items recycled at the commercial establishments and the schools.

The total weight of all the materials recycled in 2012 was 9,177.72 tons which was a 35% increase over the amount recycled in 2011 (6,787.81 tons).  The following table shows a detailed comparison of the items recycled in 2011 and 2012:


Annual Recycling Tonnage Comparison
  2012 2011
 Aluminum Containers        39.99       28.21
 Anti-freeze          0.18            -  
 Batteries (Automobile)          1.89         0.60
 Batteries (Dry Cell)          0.02            -  
 Brush/Tree Parts   1,353.38  1,979.78
 Concrete / Asphalt / Brick / Block   2,376.13     257.00
 Consumer Electronics        40.11       84.04
 Corrugated      710.00     557.05
 Fluorescent Lights             -           0.47
 Food Waste        13.28       11.21
 Glass Containers      397.61     371.85
 Grass Clippings      359.26     365.13
 Leaves   2,779.20  2,315.00
 Mixed Office Paper        77.03       74.00
 Newspaper      217.98     225.28
 NonFerrous/Aluminum Scrap          0.99         0.55
 Oil Contaminated Soil      214.78       37.65
 Other Material Not Listed        76.25       45.53
 Other Paper/Mag/JunkMail      177.47     171.14
 Other Plastic          1.98         1.51
 Plastic Containers      149.67     104.42
 Steel Containers        50.24       31.60
 Stumps          0.50            -  
 Textiles             -           2.10
 Tires          3.56         5.40
 Used Motor Oil        13.87       13.35
 White Goods & Light Iron      122.35     104.94
 Totals   9,177.72  6,787.81

Pete attributes the increase to several factors including better recycling being performed by the residents, increased recycling at the schools and Borough facilities, and better recycling and reporting by the commercial properties.  It has also been very beneficial that the Park Ridge Green Team has been implementing recycling and education programs to the residents, schools and businesses.

Along with being very good for the environment, there is a financial benefit of the increased recycling due to the reduction in the cost for the disposal of the materials as solid waste.  The Borough also receives an annual recycling grant from the State which is based on the annual tonnage.

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