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10/31/2012 - Mayor's Message to Residents - 10/31/2012

10/31/12 – Mayors Message for Wednesday 9:30am


Due to hazardous conditions, numerous wires on the ground and the high volume of detoured traffic, all Halloween Trick or Treating in Park Ridge has been rescheduled until Saturday November 3rd .  Parents are asked to NOT let their children trick or treat today and all residents are asked to use extreme caution if venturing outside.  There are still several hundred residents without power in the Boro and there are still downed power lines on the ground.  All wires on the ground should be assumed to be live.  Our Electric and DPW crews made significant progress yesterday but there remains a substantial amount of downed trees and electric repair work to be completed.  Again ALL Halloween Trick or Treating has been rescheduled until Saturday Nov 3rd from Noon to 9pm.    Thank you and be safe.


Park Ridge Mayor

Terry Maguire 

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