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10/28/2012 - Mayor's Letter to Residents - Hurricane Sandy


53 Park Avenue

Park Ridge, NJ  07656

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                                        Update Sunday 10/28/12 – 10:00 AM


Dear Park Ridge Residents,


Anticipating severe weather conditions including high winds, rain, coastal, stream and river flooding, and the storm's potential to threaten the public's health and safety, Governor Chris Christie declared a state of emergency on Saturday throughout the state as a result of severe weather conditions anticipated from Hurricane Sandy.  The National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center advises of the potential for a serious storm event to reach our area beginning Sunday and extending into Monday and Tuesday with heavy winds and sustained rainfall.  Due to the State of Emergency declaration, the Park Ridge Borough Offices will be closed on Monday and Tuesday. 


The Park Ridge DPW is checking and clearing catch basins throughout the Borough in anticipation of the storm.  Residents should report any clogged catch basins to the DPW at 201-573-1800. 


Should Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, electric and gas services may be impacted. Park Ridge Utilities are taking all measures necessary to prepare for the storm.  For electric and water emergencies, residents should call the utility department at 201-391-2113. If after business hours, downed wires or power outages should be reported to Park Ridge Police non-emergency number (Central Dispatch) at 201-391-5400. 


PSE&G has notified the Borough of its preparations to provide emergency service.  PSE&G gas customers should call the Customer Service line at 1-800-436-PSEG.  This is an automated system designed to route calls to the right destination quickly, so please do not be deterred by the answering system.


As with every major storm and potential flooding event, the Borough’s OEM, Police, Fire, EMS, Public Works and Utilities departments will be on duty to safeguard the Borough’s residents.   If you have not signed up to receive the Borough’s emergency notifications by email or phone, please take a moment right now to do so on the Borough Website Home Page. 


Updates will be posted on the Borough’s Home Page ( as information becomes available.  Residents are urged to monitor the weather reports, and make appropriate decisions regarding the safety of their families.


Thank you,

Terry Maguire - Mayor

Borough of Park Ridge

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