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10/25/2012 - FAQ's for the Nov. 6th Open Space Public Question

 Frequently Asked Questions with Regard to the Local
   Public Open Space Question on Nov. 6th Ballot

1.  What are open space funds used for? Open Space funds may be used to acquire, maintain, preserve or develop recreational areas, farmlands, historic properties or open space lands within the Borough.

2.  What is the cost of the Open Space Tax?  The proposal would impose a tax levy of $.01 per $100.00 of assessed value of real property within the Borough.  The average assessed value of a home in Park Ridge is $476,000.00.  The average increase in real estate taxes for the average assessed property would thus be $46.70 per year.

3.  Is other Open Space funding available?  An Open Space Fund allows the Borough to apply for matching grants from the State or County.  Municipalities that have Open Space Programs are given priority with regard to applications for matching grants.

4.  What has the Borough use Open Space Funds for in the past?  The Borough has had an Open Space Fund in the past.  The Borough has used Open Space Funds for the hehabilitation of the Borough Tennis Courts, for the Mill Pond Bridge and for the Fairview Avenue Environmental Walking Trail.  Funds have also been used to acquire property on Fairview Avenue and property near to Spring Valley Road.

5.  What can the funds be used for in the future?  Funds may be used for projects such as the rehabilitation of the outdoor basketball courts, for the replacement of turf at Davies Field, for the dredging of the Mill Pond or for other open space purposes.  The Open Space Public Question does not, however, designate specific projects.  If approved, Open Space Funds can ge utilized for any permitted purpose.

6.  Are the results of the public question binding on the municipality?  No, if the proposal is approved by the public, the governing body may or may not adopt an Ordinance imposing the Open Space Tax.


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