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Park Ridge Announcements

12/30/2011 - 2012 Recycling Newsletter

The 2012 Park Ridge Recycling Newsletter is being mailed out today to all Park Ridge residents.  You can also download the PDF version directly by clicking on the following link:


2012 Park Ridge Curbside Collection Schedule.


This years’ newsletter includes an insert that was put together by the Park Ridge Green Team that details the items that should be recycled.  Please try to do your best to recycle as much as possible as it will not only benefit the environment, but will also save on the Borough's garbage disposal fees.


Please note that on Monday January 2, there will be the normal garbage pickup on the west side of town (Zone B).


Feel free to call Borough Hall at 201-573-1800 if you have any questions.


Best wishes for a safe, happy, and healthy New Year.

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