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4/2/2018 - Updated Status of Curbside Branch Collection

Please be advised that since Monday March 19th, the Park Ridge DPW staff has been going street-by-street to pick up branches that were placed at the curb.  Unfortunately, this has been a very slow process and the crew has not yet completed a pass on every street.  The reason that it has been a slow process is the volume of branches has been extremely large.  In addition, the two snow events that occurred since we started the operation have also caused delays.

The DPW staff will continue to go street-by-street and pick up branches until every street has been completed.  In addition, once they complete the first pass, they will be making a second pass on every street.  We anticipate that the second pass will go a lot quicker than the first as the volume of branches should be much lower.

If you have called and were placed on the scheduled branch pickup list for today (Monday April 2), please be advised that the DPW will pick up your branches when they complete the first pass, or make the second pass as described above.

Please be patient and understand that this has been a very slow and difficult operation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Borough Hall at 201-573-1800.



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